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  • You won’t find any scientific papers specifically saying cancer because the only papers (in any industry) are the ones that that owner (the company) can profit from. I don’t think I need to go into how every company for the last 100 years have been doing this.

    The reason they don’t have to specifically say it’s cancer it’s because of a legal loophole. It’s the same reason delta 8 thc can be sold in gas stations but delta 9 is federaly illegal, or how docs can give out percs, oxys, etc but not heroine

    Stem cells aren’t really cells per say, they’re more of a blank canvas that can be turned into whatever cell they want… the issue tho: stem cells are EXPENSIVE. doing some rough math, the average placenta can cost 30-50,000 dollars, which can hold 10-50 million stem cells, an 8-ounce steak roughly contains about 289 million cells. So assuming every since stem cell was successfully turned into meat that would mean an 8oz steak would cost 46,136,100,300,000,000,000 USD. Also this doesn’t take into account growth time. So instead they use cancer cells to try to simulate meat since cancer cells grow 3x faster and with less maintenance, which is saving them an incomprehensible about of money

    At the end of the day, it’s the same legal loophole they use to sell delta 8 in gas stations, while delta 9 is on the same level as heroine

  • Israel committing a genocide and trying to justify it due to the actions of Hamas

    Never justified it. In the original comment I was pointing how out hypocritical it is to support either side

    No need to be offence, it’s not the way to converse with people

    Unfortunately that’s not how reddit users (lemmy in this case) work, everyone I’ve had conversations with on this app don’t use reason or critical thinking, they jump to conclusions while never leaving their ego chamber. At this point it’s just more fun to insult you all since no matter how many facts I give yall, none of you listen anyways. And I’m not the only one who sees it either

    Its not just him either, there was many more in the comments saying the same thing, he just summerized it the best

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    Most notably the fact that it grows so quickly by utilizing cancer cells, also that this is the exact same scenario as the cigarette epidemic, no one knows what exactly are the side effects since this has never been done before, were trying to paly god without knowing the implications. Also i find it ironic how most people stay away from preservatives and artificial chemicals because “theyre bad and make in a lab” but will happily down man’s attempt at playing god

  • What’s the actual difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell, aside from the fact that cancer cells don’t kill themselves

    You answered your own question

    Is cancer from a cow transmissible to humans?

    Who knows? What’s the whole point. Were playing god without knowing the consequences.

    People knew the effects of tobacco for centuries, actually

    Wrong. Doctors lied about it for years when it first came out and long after

    Within like 2 years cigarettes went from being something prescribed by doctors to something that everyone knows gives you cancer.

    Again, wrong. Early warning signs didn’t show up until the late 50s by then it had been 20-30 years to late. And Dr. Luther Terry didn’t come in for another 14 after that in '64. Even despite this evidence, the tobacco industry went to massive lengths to discredit the research and downplay the health risks by funding biased research, launched propaganda campaigns, and used public relations strategies to create doubt. It wasn’t until '98 that the Master Settlement Agreement came into effect. A whole 68 years before they paid for their crimes.

    When something is as heavily scrutinized as vapes or lab-grown meat, you can be damned sure the effects will be widely understood within a couple of decades

    Decades? You mean the 7+ decades it took for tobacco? After which everyone had died already? Idk about you but I’m not waiting 10-20-30+ years to find out if I get a new disease named after me.

    The fact is people who advocate for this shit don’t understand science and just believe what their told to, just like what everyone believed when big tobacco ran those propaganda campaigns for 70 years, or what some still believe about global warming from big oil’s propaganda campaigns.

    Just because we don’t know something today doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, humans arent as smart as we give ourselfs credit. And just be we did it in the past, doesn’t mean we’ve learned from those mistakes because clearly you all are still buying the shit they feed you and begging for more.