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  • Yeah that’s a potentially endless discussion right there. I actually think Sekiro was the hardest, even if it’s technically not a souls game. Part of what makes Elden Ring so easy is the number of tools and abilities to use, the summoning ashes, OP spells, and nearly always being able to summon two helper players for tough fights. Melania is so much like fighting Isshin, I think he’s way harder than her, and especially because you have to nail the timing with him. There’s no respeccing, using cheesy spells, or summoning help with that guy. Don’t get me wrong, Elden Ring is a great game, but most of the difficulty is easily overcome by just trying out the other stuff you can use.

  • I don’t, they are right, I can create my own challenge. It’s not really what I’m annoyed about either, its the whole design by a committee of vocal internet people which results in the same bland shit over and over. Part of what made these games cool is the things that are unique, and often times the most memorable moments are also the most difficult. Seeing From pivot because a bunch of people whined about it is just disappointing really. There was a time where the tag line for Dark Souls was “Prepare to Die”, but come down the line to Elden Ring and you can really feel how they’ve softened that edge up. The DLC feels like they sharpened the blade for its final outing, and people want it dulled immediately. To me that’s boring. Embrace the challenge and what you will remember and be satisfied by is overcoming it.