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  • The root cause issue could be power plants used to supply energy to the datacenters running the computers (there are many things a power plant can do to harm its environment), or if we consider electromagnetic hypersensitivity not being a pseudoscientific term but an actual thing; electromagnetic waves coming from all the computers at the same time in a concentrated space could have triggered this whole ordeal.

    I can’t really think of any other possibilities, and I highly believe first one is the case.

    Edit: appearently if was noise whoops

  • Age of Empires 2.

    I absolutely suck at multiplayer, but it really is a fun game. I liked how its campaign mode teaches you history too. It got two remasters, and both are quite good in their own way. 2013 has visuals similar to the originals, and Definitive has its visuals vastly improved but kept the gameplay same.

    As for consoles, Chrono Trigger for SNES is the most remarkable game I can think of. It takes time travel very well, I was honestly surprised how such a game was made at that era.

    If you want a more casual game, Puyo Puyo for Genesis could do well. It could be hard when you first get into it. The games back then were written to be more difficult to get more playtime out of games; and the AI can easily catch you off guard with big chains. (Its english counterpart for Mega Drive is called Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, but the game is easily understood as it is already.)