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  • When you think about it, Calvin & Hobbs is really the story of a lonely boy seeping deeper and deeper into mental illness, while he struggles with low self esteme

    What? No, not even. First of all, Calvin and Hobbes is written specifically to allow for a Toy Story situation; they’re only pretending to be not alive when adults are watching.

    Second of all, Calvin never had any major mental illnesses (except maybe undiagnosed ADHD), much less “seeping deeper and deeper” into it. The author never intended that, and I damn sure never got that from any of my re-reads either.

    Meanwhile his parents mostly ignore him. Only being used in panels where Calvin needs discipline.

    Again, not even close. It wasn’t even hard to find counter-evidence for this.

    the most famous image of Calvin is him peeing

    Only in the same way that Shirley Temple is most famous for her childhood acting, despite being a US diplomat later in life. What Calvin and Hobbes is most widely recognizable as has no bearing on what the majority of the comic was about.

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    Woah, hey, easy there. You’re starting to take this personally. Dial it back a little.

    I genuinely cannot believe that people still care about this in the year 2024.

    Nobody cares that it’s a horny image. This is the internet in 2024. The artist just managed to hit that sweet spot of genuine effort + not quite skilled enough = unintentionally hilarious. It’s bad movie night, but for comics.

    We’re all laughing at the stripper cop who the artist genuinely expected us to take seriously, not complaining that there’s clutches pearls big titty cheetah cops!

    Imagine if some of the more “notorious” disney films came out today, people would lose their minds.

    You mean like zootopia?