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  • Trying to be a protector without a credible threat may mean they are controlling, possessive, abusive, or any number of other issues.

    Now, if he had said “I’m sorry if I was making you feel uncomfortable, there was that guy was acting strange and really focused on you and I was trying to make sure you were safe but couldn’t pull you aside to explain.” That is a green flag, but he didn’t explain anything.

  • They prefer that.

    It is one thing if you are getting an oil change or tire rotation, it is another thing entirely when you have a check engine light or an electrical problem that needs diagnosis and there is no way of knowing how long it will take to find out the issue. Even worse is when it is an intermittent issue that the customer can’t narrow down to certain conditions.

    Also your appointment will be more like a doctor’s appointment if things are busy, you car will be brought in when a qualified technician is available and not immediately after you hand over your keys.

  • There is a Cinemark about an hour away that is my go-to.

    Are there closer theaters? Oh God yes. Do those theaters serve one of my favorite beers, have employees that will satisfy my request to try to kill me with butter on my popcorn, have reserved seating, and have power reclining seats? Also yes. What makes that hour drive worth it is that there is maybe 4 other people in the theater for a new release at noon. I can get buzzed in the trailers and sober up during the movie eating extra buttery popcorn while lounging in center middle seats and nobody to bother me with their inconsiderations. It is glorious.

  • Lab diamonds are “fake” diamonds. Artificial and natural diamonds only differ in their level of human suffering and exploitation, with natural diamonds being higher in both.

    Band metal depends on taste and costs. Platinum is the most expensive and best IMO, gold is kind of out of style(does she wear gold rings?), white gold is budget platinum, silver is cheap platinum that tarnishes.

    Get a lab diamond with both your birth stones flanking it. For the band, I would go with white gold unless she wears gold rings a lot or you can afford platinum.

    Also, she wants an expensive ring regardless of what she told you. She wants a giant rock on her finger when she shows it off, but should be absolutely ecstatic for anything you get. Talk to her married friends’ husbands and don’t get a bigger diamond than they got if you want to be a bro.