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  • Glad to find a like-minded individual here. I generally do either 33 for that half minute heat, 55 for when it doesn’t quite need a minute, and 88, because after a buck thirty I should be stirring (if applicable).

    We had an old microwave that had the button. It failed. I went and brought a new one home, and much to my wife’s chagrin, as is in my nature, I failed to notice the lack of 30s button.

  • Back into every spot every time. That is something my wife has heard me say a billion times, and I’ve said it to many people. Back in to parking spots, it is always safer and easier to pull out forward. Backing in, you’re already in the travelway, you and others are aware of one another’s existence. I also think it’s easier to maneuver into a space when your pivot enters last. Also helps you practice backing up, for situations where you may need it.

    Granted, all of this came from driving ambulances, where the lesson was, no matter how steep and windy the driveway, backing in it with an empty box is always easier than backing out with a patient in the back.

    I will concede there are exceptions, anyone can feel free to list them.

    Furthermore, I’ve seen some municipalities institute back in angled spaces on roadways, and they are absolutely the best. Anytime a road has non-parallel parking spaces, they should be back-in spaces.

  • So I got fired for threatening to report them for withholding employee checks. They had a bunch of 15-19 year olds closing one night, maybe five or six of us, and one of the ice cream freezers got turned off. Someone’s honest mistake, a bunch of ice cream melted, sucked, but they said okay, we’re just going to withhold all your paychecks, and I said fuck no you’re not, and proceeded to threaten reporting. In the end, me and my coworkers all got our $27 paychecks, but I lost my job. I am by no means a hero, was just a little belligerent as a kid, and it felt like a good opportunity to really dial in the belligerence.

  • Put a button for $1 and I’ll hit it all day. And I know that ain’t the person behind the register deciding, but if I get ice cream for my family and it costs 35 fucking dollars because that’s how much fucking things cost these days, I’m not throwing you 15-25% in tip, let’s be realistic. Put a $1, $2 option and I honestly think you’ll have more luck.

    Not to old man this shit, but I scooped ice cream at a restaurant/ice cream place for 5.25 back in 2004. You know how I earned tips? I played a game with customers, let me and the girl I’m working with guess questions about your life and we will give you a free size upgrade. People frequently played along, we had fun, fucked over the owners a bit (they sucked), it was really a win/win.

    I was eventually fired.

  • Work definitely does suck the life out of you, regardless of whether or not you like it. Just hard to focus on something all day and not be tired.

    I won’t say good luck in retirement, because I don’t know what that means. So I’ll just say see you around the fediverse, because there’s no retiring from this life.