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  • Those games would have been shit with more… traditional characters as well.

    It’s like with comic books. The writing has never been great, but incels only had a problem with it when they can’t self insert into a power fantasy.

    I recently learned there’s at least one writer who has worked on both Halo 5 and Forspoken. A lot of people have issues with the writing quality of Halo 5. One issue I personally have is how many scenes don’t really start or end. The scenes often open with the conversations already having started and don’t seem to conclude by the time it ends. The lines I’ve heard of Forspoken are also awkward, but there’s way more vitriol for Forspoken. Now why could there be so much more negative attention for that game?

  • This is cope. I know too many people who roleplay as environmentalists, but are fully engaged in consumerism. Friends who look at me funny when I insist that we can have the same conversations over discord that we can when I drive an hour to to see them or who think that Biden’s Green Deal will be enough. My primary concern for the past 30 years, more time then I’ve been an adult, has been to reduce my co2 output or make sure that what co2 I do output has been productive. There’s a huge disconnect between myself and my supposedly like minded friends that can only be explained my a deep unwillingness to be put in any sort of discomfort. So they cope by telling themselves that they deserve this vacation that requires air travel or ignore the mountain of waste that the average movie production produces or that plastic recycling works and you can drink your Pepsi™ if you just put the bottle in the recycling.

    If the rich are responsible for all of our problems, we’re responsible for letting them be rich.

  • Not much desert around me. Good farmland is getting leveled and solar put on top when there are parking lots already flat they could do it on. It’s just much, much easier to work with fresh ground. It’s why old warehouses are left to rot and farmland right next to them are razed for new warehouses.

    I put some solar on my farm, but made sure to use a plot that isn’t suitable for farming.

  • I had a high school civics teacher tell the class that the the 2nd to 10th richest people in the world were the Walton Family heirs(Walmart). I knew at the time that Steve Ballmer was like the 5th or something. I brought in a printout of the Forbes Top 50 Richest people and he coped by saying that if you combine the wealth of the Walton family, they’d be in the top 5.

    That was probably one of the more benign falsehoods that teacher taught.