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    14 days ago

    Right up there with the people who ignore me, leave me alone or exclude me when I’m down. I’m depressed because I’m being excluded and feel isolated, jackasses.

    “Just show up and do the thing, you’re always welcome!” (Ever tried just showing up when you’ve been removed from being told where the weekly thing even is and no one answers when asked?)

    The amount of oblivious hypocrisy I’ve run into while navigating the deep blue is astounding.

  • To be a woman online means to feel unwelcome. Leaving a new community is pretty much inevitable unless you are willing to swim in toxicity.

    I’ve lost count of how many ‘welcoming’ communities for game/hobby/interest that I have left because of the inevitable creep of (male) toxicity and harassment.

    And it sucks to watch so many people not speak up, and to be targeted for further harassment simply because I said rape jokes weren’t funny. (Or tying and drugging up a woman so T could have a girlfriend, if the group I play online games with are stalking my account read this. You guys are part of the problem.)

    I just want liked minded people to share my interests and play games with.

    I, and other women shouldn’t have to navigate or ignore toxicity to simply exist in public spaces.

    [Downvotes prove my statement. I’m not welcome or wanted, I get it. See you after my funeral.]

  • Glad to hear the driver stopped. I hope your recovery is smooth and there are no long lasting problems.

    My daughter was struck by a car last week, while on a pedestrian crossing. The driver (after being chased down by another teenager) stopped, talked to my daughter, and then drove off. She collapsed once the adrenaline wore off, and we spent the evening in the hospital while they checked her over.

    Driver deserves a few slaps for stopping after being chased down, and then making the decision a second time to drive off instead of calling emergency services.