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  • The biggest part is just putting yourself in situations where single women are present so you can practice your casual conversation skills with them, so anon is halfway there.

    This is my biggest issue. I’m shockingly good at speaking like a human and whenever I’ve actually managed to get a date it has always turned into multiple dates. But I don’t know where to meet single women. I’m not photogenic enough to stand out on dating apps and all of the things I like to do are either sausage fests or something done at home. The only time I really see any women at all is when I’m at work, when they’re at work, or literally just walking down the street, and all of those are situations where anything other than maybe small talk would just be rude.

    I’d love to put myself out there but the only place I know of to do that is dating apps. But I have a complete inability to look even remotely normal any time I know a picture is being taken so I have very little luck getting matches. After I get a match I’m fine. The issue is just at that first hurdle of finding someone who is even remotely interested.

  • People keep saying this election is 2016 all over again like that means anything anymore. Newsflash, every election from here on out will be 2016 all over again because it’s to the current DNCs benefit. As long as the republicans keep pushing fascists like trump and like desantis after trump croaks, the the DNC can put forward whoever they want and just keep saying “Vote for our genocidal police state endorsing corporate ass kissing old man or else you’re causing facism!”

    Something needs to be done about it. I don’t know what but this can’t keep happening. And before anyone asks if I’m voting biden, my presidential vote literally doesn’t matter in my state other than for maybe sending a message. The last time MN voted for a republican president was in 1972. Maybe a low amount of votes for biden in a democrat stronghold will send a message to the DNC because MN is going blue regardless.

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    You joke but my dad once fell face first into a bonfire and blistered most of his face. When the skin grew back his dermatologist told him that a lot of people would kill for a skin treatment as good as what he wound up with. He was almost entirely blemish and wrinkle free when he healed.

    You could probably manage the same with enough hot steam from an iron but it may take a bit longer.

  • That is the dumbest thing. All of my comp sci stuff was open everything because out in the real world you would never be programming without those resources available. I don’t see why IT wouldn’t be the same. If they are testing your competency then you should have access to the internet just like you would in a job. If they are testing your memory then they should just use a lockdown browser or something.

  • Because you need to handle terrain other than a clear road. When you live somewhere that regularly gets a foot of snow overnight then having a bit of extra ground clearance is a must for navigating that. You also want a bit of extra ground clearance if you need to go off road regularly. The last thing anyone wants is to be out in the boonies and crack their oil pan on a tree stump or something.

    Of course, far more people buy SUVs and trucks than actually need them. Also lite trucks would have been the better solution for most people who do actually need them if the EPA hadn’t killed them with poorly written standards. With the current wheelbase based efficiency requirements we’re left with the choice between sedans that drag the undercarriage on residential speedbumps or a Landbarge 9000 toddler slaughter special with worse sight lines than an abrams tank and the (lack of) fuel efficiency to match.

  • Be careful with vitamin D though. That is one of the very very few vitamins that you can actually take too much of because it’s fat soluble, not water soluble, so excessive vitamin D will build up in your fat cells rather than just getting peed out. It’s called vitamin D toxicity (VDT) and it can have some unpleasant neurological effects among other things.

    So it’s probably a good idea to get your levels checked anyways just to make sure you’re taking the right amount if you need it.