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  • …I was gonna say it took until it was shrunk down to the thumbnail to see red, but nope, it actually has red in it in the thumbnail.

    Guess this is specific to how often you see cans of coca-cola?

    Here, I put the image through a ditherer (only available colours are black, cyan, white). I don’t see any red at all now.


    Actually, that “red” is mostly just gray so I played myself here. Still, the luminosity must be closer to red before I detect it as red, white doesn’t do it.

  • Oh, I know the experience pretty well. The fun fun fun of having something stuck at 98% for a week or more :D

    I was thinking, if the creator themselves would seed their stuff it could work - although I admit it’d have to have some kind of seed schedule and maybe some heuristic to see which videos were still available or not. There’d be problems with bandwidth, but I think it would at least allow a decentralised video network to exist, even if it would feel a bit more like watching anime in year 2010.

    And yeah, fair point. I don’t really do live streams so I didn’t think about them. Honestly don’t know what a solution for that even could be, in terms of “everyone hosts a little bit to spread the load and price”.

    Don’t really think it’d be that big of a mess for premiers, but then again I don’t see a big issue in waiting a day to get good content. Y’all are spoiled with cdns and social media /s :D! In my experience torrents propagate pretty quickly so it could still work. Think the bigger issue would be the fact that people have preference for different resolutions, so you’d end up with massive torrent downloads that have 4k, 2k, 1080p, 720p, etc. Or multiple torrent files for different resolution. The worst outcome would of course be “creator just dumps 8k 60fps content on the network and tells you good luck”.

    Either way, I won’t pretend like torrent net could match the service of youtube right now - but I do think it could actually make a video network actually work, without prohibitive costs for the hosters and subscriptions for the basic users. It’d still be nice to support creators and the trackers but those aren’t as big of an ask as “host hundreds of 4k videos per creator forever”.

    [edit] as a last minute thought - I think I know another reason why torrents may not work so well. You’d have to have an app or a browser extension to use them, which limits the accessibility compared to “open url and watch”.

  • Yeah, here in Russia the ISPs and IT infrastructure guys seem to be treating IPv6 like it has cooties. I can’t find an article (and it’d be in russian anyway) but as far back as 2022, if you get IPv6 you can expect a variety of issues with it, ranging from “you need to reboot your router every once in a while” to “you technically have v6 but good luck actually browsing v6 internet”.

    And of course, why would they give you a stable IP when they can charge for it :T. At least it’s only a third the price of a stable IPv4.

    My current ISP technically provides v6 according to their site - but my connection doesn’t have it, and since there’s nothing about it in the years-old contract, I’d need to redo that if I want to complain.

  • Anecdotally, I’ve heard people say they almost got into a crash because of lane assist, especially with the white/yellow temporary lines. But that does depend a ton on the car.

    I have to agree that if you have to turn, you should be able to turn, lane assist be damned - we’re not yet at the level where a car can accurately judge 100% of the road situations. But it’s probably a good thing we’re moving into a future where crossing lanes without turn signals feels like a virtual bump on the road.

  • If it’s not made of tea, it’s not tea. It’s an infusion.

    It’s extra annoying to me because in my first language there’s separate words for “tea-tea” and “some boiled herbs-tea” that are commonly used, but thanks to lazy translation people are beginning to call everything “tea”.

  • Well, in GIMP you need to do the “float selection” before you can manipulate what you’ve selected properly. In Clip Studio Paint, for example, you select, press ctrl, and just drag whatever you clicked on to move. Way more intuitive (until you do it expecting to interact with active layer and instead move something in the overlay or behind).

    I do love how GIMP allows you to work with transparency though.

  • Mordor itself, Russia. Technically, most ISPs support IPv6 here but as I said each has something weird in config that makes using it… Fun. I don’t remember specifics since I’m mostly looking at it from consumer side, but I could try finding the article (in russian) that talked about it.

    My current connection doesn’t have IPv6 at all according to https://ipv6-test.com/, although I’m not 100% if it’s because of provider or Cisco AnyConnect blocking shit.

    When you when you sign up for internet here, you get a dynamic IP, it’s been that way for… As long as I can remember, really. Definitely more than ten years. I know in Moscow people used to get white IPs way back when, but that’s long gone. Not really a problem since most people don’t host anything.