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  • I’m a bit late, but if it helps, I’ve had good results with the Sonoff and Tuya zigbee sensors. I prefer the Tuyas, just because they use AA instead of CR2032 batteries.
    $50 will easily get you everything you need to start.

    You might also want to think about getting a 433MHz radio for the system.
    If you live in a built up area, you’d be surprised how many people have equipment transmitting on 433MHz already (free data!).
    And a lot of generic wireless temperature sensor kits use it as a standard, making it a good value way to get weatherproof gear.
    I got a generic fridge/freezer kit for about £10 that works perfectly with this. Again, $50 or so for a DVB-T2 receiver. Just be aware that it’s a little more technically involved than pairing zigbee devices.

    Bother me with DMs if you like, I’ve been fiddling with just about every protocol I can get my hands on for under £100!

  • Someone else already raised the mains wired safety/budget issue, but I may have a side suggestion for you: Bulbs as repeaters.

    I’ve added hue bulbs directly to my zigbee network, where they also act as repeaters.

    The problem then was people switching off at the switch. This has been resolved by adding a little zigbee button by the switch (as people can achieve the function without the mains switch).
    Which gives the bonus of being able to do different taps.

    (So for example, I have one click as toggle on/off, two clicks is daytime+bright, press+hold is evening+dim)

  • This is good feedback, the Mint team could definitely streamline things, maybe even with a “help pick”.

    Because it’s not immediately apparent which to use (Cinnamon/MATE/Xfce).
    I’m not sure how the resolve the mirror issue, sadly.
    The cost of serving the data directly would be very high, but doing so would avoid scaring people. Unfortunately, it’s hard for them to 100% guarantee every mirror is safe (even though they are!), which means they have to leave instructions on how to verify.

    Selling pre-loaded USB sticks would be very cool, but people would have to be interested enough to spend £20.