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  • Sometimes. You cannot go to a store and buy the freshest, most mouth watering and delicious fruits because they cannot handle being shipped even locally.

    A warm, juicy peach right off the tree is an amazing experience.

    Also, you know 100% of what what was and what wasn’t done to your stuff.

    That said, I don’t have the time or will to grow all my own veggies that I like daily.

    I can, however make enough other stuff that’s saleable so I can afford fresh veg year round.

  • Uh gee, for starters don’t go around broadcasting that you’re not home. Watching your stuff. Do you want property theft? Because that’s how you get property theft! You can brag and selectively post all the highlights and none of the lowlights when you’re back if you think that you need that to feel better about yourself.