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  • As someone hiring i would hire someone with a degree in arts and 10 years experience (in the field I’m hiring to) instead of someone that graduate in tech but only worked in other areas, so if I’m hiring to a junior position and there is a person without a degree but with certifications and some practical experience I would give he a chance for sure.

    The truth is that any work you learn on the job. Even doctors have to.do residencies because school won’t teach them for real.

    If you are already going to a school keep going, but also invest some money in practical knowledge, like certification in specific tools and solutions or coding in languages that are needed, not the ones that are popular (for exemple the older generation is retiring and nobody knows COBOL)

    Research what the industry is looking for ( like big company ads) and how it’s paying for each position, choose a path and invest some hours in that specific knowledge.