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    Yeah, I was quite surprised by this as I’m so used to how capitalism ruins everything.


    This is what I read and it was a shock to me that companies not only improved the quality of the cloth when they realised people made garments from sacks, but also strove to provide fashionable designs and wash-off labels. There are some really gorgeous prints on here.

    Nowadays, it feels like they would make the original packaging more coarse, then sell the product with nicer packaging at a premium, whilst making sure their logo was indelible.

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    6 个月前

    Not allergic, but the very thought of onions (and garlic) in pregnancy made me feel sick. Smelling them or seeing them cooked (with their translucent little stripes) would have me heaving. All the foods I love have onions and garlic in. It was awful.

  • I seen stuff like this before, and I think I know how it’s supposed to work.

    The “stranger” recruited the person who posted this to OP’s friend as one of 6 people. Each of those 6 people recruit 6 others, who send the books to the stranger (their friend’s friend), hence the 36. OP’s friend will be asked to recruit 6 people in turn, and each of those recruit 6, who then send books to OP’s friend.

    I think it’s a bit dodgy that they’re being asked to buy new, but I’d be more concerned that these kind of schemes can be used to feel out who’s likely to fall for more sinister scams, as people feel they’re getting a lot back for very little.

    Plus, it only takes a few levels (13 if my maths is right) before there are more (far more!) recruits needed than people on earth.