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  • … I’m not a foremost expert of anything, but I regularly work with some of this stuff. Nothing highly advanced or obscenely expensive, but enough to know that he could absolutely be wearing something that would make, at least, handguns to the center mass ineffective. Having not seen the guy naked and not knowing what his chest looks like under his oversized suit… I couldn’t tell you exactly, especially since I’m normally and regularly not interested in what protection he’s wearing, if or if he isn’t wearing a vest with a higher caliber plate.

    It’s not ‘sewn’ in shit, scifi or bad story writing, armor I’m talking about. Do you really think the president of the US can’t have small arms rated Kevlar in his oversized suit, and a vest with a plate on underneath? He’s fat enough, and his suit is ill fitted enough, as it is, you wouldn’t even noticed.

  • I believe their entire suit is probably lined for events like this.

    Edit: so people stop with the dumb ‘scifi isn’t real’ BS about body armor, I was merely stating that there is definitely a possibility that he could be wearing small arms rated Kevlar under his suit, or have it sewn into his ridiculously oversized suit, and be wearing higher caliber plates protecting his center mass.

    It isn’t unreasonable to think this, and it could make sense to take a headshot if you suspected the possibility of something like this, over going for the one shot chance of a center mass hit to kill your target.

    Sure, I could have worded it better, but he COULD have small arms sewn into that terrible suit, and he COULD be wearing plates protecting his center mass.

  • We usually keep a 3-dog pack at home, two small dogs (25-35 lbs) and one medium dog (65 lbs). The big boy with the bassy bark to deter break-ins and scare away harassers for my wife when she’s walking them, and the two smaller owns so we can manage a pack that everyone has friends in.

    Our youngest is such a bundle of love and joy… I think we’ll get 10 more years out of him, at least. He’s four. We got him after the one that died from the bowel obstruction.

    It’s rough, but in a few months my wife will probably want to get another medium sized boy, and she’ll check the pounds. I think it took us 3 months to replace the first one.

  • Lost a dog to lymphoma. The whole week prior he was mostly not eating, his back legs were swollen up, and he was having even more trouble standing up and walking. Saturday I woke up and found him under the guest bed laying in a puddle of blood, I cleaned everything up while my wife called vets and then researched an at-home euthanasia. He was 9, a pitlab mix. I figured the mix in him would make him healthy, but he died so young. I lost my last one to a bowel obstruction in 2020, he was 11 or 12. The next one’s 11 right now, but going strong. Watch the universe take him 2028, that’d be every 4 years right now…

    Anyway, back to work tomorrow, so hey… the wheel keeps on turnin’.