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  • Its getting real close and I like Affinity’s workflow much better. Theres a few small bugs here and there. If anything im a Freelance professional but its my hobby first. Ive used Photoshop/Lightroom, GIMP/RawTherapee in the past on the photography side and Inkscape on the Graphic design side but now I mainly use Designer 2 and Photo 2. Granted my workflow is probably a decent bit different than a studios and I dont know what specifcs a studio needs over something like my workflow. What sorta challenges did switching to Affinity present for your studio?

  • Its more of just how the bike feels when im on it. It feels solid and substantial has weight but still feels nimble. The places where you’re in contact with the bike feel thought out. The Z900 to me feels more raw and kinda plastic-y not necessarily like a toy but more like a well modified car that prioritizes performance over small details and comforts. Really it comes down to what you like the feeling of more to me its pretty much the top gear meme “that is brilliant, but I like this” If you can catch a demo day for each one I highly highly recommend it.

  • Ill play a little devils advocate here. You ever try to take multiple product shots of some foods and have it look good for the whole photoshoot? Cereal especially, its gunna get soggy, the milk will have bits of the cereal that have broken off floating around or itll start to get discolored. Not to mention that milk will be sitting under hot studio lamps for at least as long as the photoshoot goes which can go on for a grip there will be thousands of shots from multiple angles, same shots with the lighting moved around and changed and not to mention the photoshoots are usually of multiple products or the same product with different platings/bowls/etc so theres gotta be an inventory of of these products ready to swap out without them being disturbed. Photographers that tend to do the big stuff also tend to be very passionate and very serious about it as photography is an art form after all. As a consumer I would prefer honest representation of the product to be shown but as a photographer I do understand wanting to get the best look of the product and I know my 3am 2nd bowl of cereal isint ever gunna look like the picture on the box.

    Fun fact: Ice that is usually always depicted in beverages is not actually ice but rather a gelatin or some other gelatinous material that wont melt under the lights this is true in movies too because you dont want ice clinking in glasses while actors are trying to have a conversation. And the frosting effect you usually see thats not CG effects is usually some form of aerosolised glue. Its actually fascinating all the effects that you can do to make stuff look a certain way in studio conditions without the use of CG