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  • I think it’s just a reactionary backlash to their popularity. It’s the fact they suddenly showed up everywhere all at once, were something new that departed sufficiently from older flip flop designs and created a divide in taste. I fell into that trap myself but we buy them for our kid and they’re awesome! My next flip flops when my current ones die will probably be crocs. I wouldn’t wear them anywhere I wouldn’t wear flip flops though.

  • You asked for it! I see a lot of potential but it’s not quite there. Maybe you could’ve crouched down a little more so the top of the base would’ve been separated from the horizon, I feel like this would’ve given the statue a bit more power. Overall, I don’t know what your options were depending on the location but I find the composition a bit weak, the statue has all that power in it but I’m not feeling it in your photograph. In black and white composition is even more important and should be your primary focus while shooting. In terms of post-production the contrast is maybe a bit lacking, and the details inside the statue are getting a bit lost, either expose a little higher so the sky goes whiter and we get more details in the statue, or maybe crushing everything more to get more of a silhouette look could work.