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  • Yup, and it continues further forward from here. We are just barely getting started down this road, it seems, and it doesn’t help that people are dead-set against learning from events. Except they are learning, but the opposite lessons that a civilized person would want - e.g. “right idea, wrong target”? This is nowhere close to being over.

    Just as has been happening in other parts of the globe for quite awhile now, TV talk show hosts, news reporters, professors and the like should start taking extra precautions. The death threats won’t end with Fauci and the CDC and the judges and the prosecutors and the governors and mayors and such and so on that we’ve already seen so far - that mindset has a way of juvenile thinking where like if you can’t get to them, then aim lower at an easier target that they can reach.

    We have heard about this, in places like Egypt and Mexico, but now it’s here too - everything is different now. As it already has been, since January 6, but I hope more people wake up to acknowledge that reality, and stay safe!:-|

  • iirc, it was one of the points sold to people as we migrated away from Reddit during the exodus. But I like your more precise phrasing of what it actually is.:-) More was told during the exodus though, e.g. “just as Reddit is falling, if the instance you pick likewise falls, then you can move your account to another one”, i.e. it barely matters which instance you picked at first, so just jump in and see. But different language may have been used at different times and places - e.g. the expectations of people already here vs. the newly incoming ones (like me:-).

  • You cannot defederate from a “community”, but you can have your specific user account block either a community or an entire instance (to varying degrees of effectiveness - you can still see posts from people on those instances, and chat with them, but you won’t receive “notifications” from them anymore).

    Defederation from an “instance” is meant as a last-resort effort to avoid an enormous amount of moderation work, like if it keeps sending child porn across the Fediverse, or users are overwhelmingly harassing others or something.

    Here, you can read about such occurrences directly from the sources involved (who chose to do it) like https://hexbear.net/post/1712067, and then various responses in return like https://programming.dev/post/2652745 (tldr: hexbear defederated from them, so they defederated in return to avoid people getting confused from one-sided conversations where messages could be sent but never received) and https://lemm.ee/comment/2155764 etc.

    And yes, you are stuck at your current instance if you care about keeping your account. You can copy your rules like block list from one user account to another though, like I have an alt at StarTrek.online, which mitigates somewhat the pain of having to move. If someone were to try to send me a DM at my old one though, I would not get it at the new account - instead I would have to keep both active, forever. It turns out that the idea that you can move freely around the Fediverse was a lie - or at least, it is something that isn’t fully implemented yet. Theoretically it is something that could be done, if someone were to bother to implement that, but it hasn’t been done yet.

    All of Lemmy is still beta software. It helps to lower expectations:-). It is still 1000x better than Reddit imho, b/c of (a) no ads and lack of other forms of enshittification as well (e.g. automatically playing videos that you cannot stop with a setting somewhere), (b) the people are more worth talking to here (generally speaking; except those places that tend to be defederated by the major instances, b/c of all the harassment they kept doing).

  • So if the title were changed from the original, it would still recognize it as a cross post, somehow? Perhaps based on it sharing an identical URL, or something added when you go into the cross-posting interface - if so then I suppose as you said the text in the body about the fact that it’s cross-posted. Hrm, and phrased differently, if someone were to share an identical URL independently, so not going through the cross-posting interface at all, would Lemmy and K/Mbin still recognize it as a cross-post?

    Thanks for that insight. So if OP meant from a traffic standpoint, then yeah I see it doesn’t help at all. It also still splits the comments across the entire Fediverse, rather than concentrating them into like a megathread. And people could upvote multiple posts, and comment inside multiple ones, etc., so it actually increases traffic to have them split up, perhaps not quite as much as fully independent posts but more than if they were singular ones.

    Whereas from a UX standpoint, it is so helpful to tidy things up to see e.g. one post shared to 5-20 communities rather than each of those showing up as its own individual post, taking up most of your feed even after you’ve already consumed the content and want to see what else is going on. And as we are seeing, each community has its own slant on the type of discussions that they want to have, so even if the posts could be conjoined somehow, into like a pseudo-megathread, the impact of that would hit very differently than allowing them to be different (cross-)posts. So cross-posting seems a nice balance between fully individual vs. fully conjoined:-).

  • It’s a bit hyperbolic in this context, yet also technically accurate in a surprising number of ways, though mostly I was focusing on how he won’t allow an election to determine who gets to be the Democratic nominee. Also, he has the legal ability to murder his opponents, and is both supporting (in Gaza) even while also decrying (in Ukraine) genocide. Anyway, the point is that he is suppressing opposition (from within his own party, by not allowing a debate about who may replace him), which yes he has the legal ability to do, fwiw. So he is not much of one perhaps, but has some characteristics not entirely dissimilar to one.