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  • The thing I think you might be missing here is that: regardless of any external factors, the right is going to weaponize this. This is not a healthy society, and based on available data it is not heading in the right direction, and people coping with memes on the internet is not going to change any of that. With the level of rhetoric coming out of the right (and some, but a non-zero amount from the left/center), and with the escalation of violence in this year alone, getting to the point where people are going to be taking shots at public officials (or candidates, in this case) was an inevitability. The only outstanding question was who, when, where, and by whom. And of course, when the next one’s coming.

    There’s no amount of ‘high road’ that will change this. All we have is that the victims this time weren’t a bunch of innocent kids, they were fascists at a fascist rally, and, for tonight at least, I’m not going to pretend I’m upset about that.

  • I think something that’s being underestimated here is that often people greatly over-estimate their availability for this stuff. Even a 3-hour session, which is pretty short for sessions I’ve been part of, you really have to plan your whole day around, and they may simply have not realized the level of commitment that would require, or at least been prepared for it. I don’t play right now, and haven’t for a while, simply because I cant make that level of commitment, and it would be unfair to the rest of the table to have to deal with my unpredictable schedule.