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  • Vilian@lemmy.catoScience Memes@mander.xyzCyberfish
    9 hours ago

    from the article

    The researchers designed their bio-inspired robotic fish to mimic the tail propulsion of a swimming fish, and conducted experiments at varying tail beat frequencies and flow speeds. In nature, fish positioned at the front of a school beat their tails with greater frequency, creating a wake in which their followers gather. The followers display a notably slower frequency of tail movement, leading researchers to believe that the followers are enjoying a hydrodynamic advantage from the leaders’ efforts.

    In an attempt to create a robotic leader, Marras and Porfiri placed their robot in a water tunnel with a golden shiner school. First, they allowed the robot to remain still, and unsurprisingly, the “dummy” fish attracted little attention. When the robot simulated the familiar tail movement of a leader fish, however, members of the school assumed the behavior patterns they exhibit in the wild, slowing their tails and following the robotic leader.

  • Vilian@lemmy.catolinuxmemes@lemmy.worldNo Mercy
    21 hours ago

    bro thinking a chromecast OS gonna run in google servers 💀, micro kernels has their utility in embedded system, we know, saying that they are replacement for monolithic kernel is dumb, also companies can’t do different/hacks project anymore?

  • Idk he’s just a hot take merchant basically. He has a particular hate-boner for distros that don’t use systemd as the default init system like void and gentoo (usually these are troll tweets as opposed to commit messages though).

    shut up, wtf that has todo with the commit, people who don’t use systemd it’s not going to complain about the color of something that they don’t use