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  • I’m saying that no matter who they choose for President, MOST people aren’t going to like it. Hillary WAS a good choice in 2016. Bernie would have been better, but Hillary was not a bad choice. Biden isn’t as strong of a choice as Hillary was. We don’t have ranked choice voting so there’s no clear solution to that issue, no matter who you pick.

    So, to get the most turnout among Democrats, educate people on why they should care more about their congresspeople than their president. Get them to the polls by appealing to what they can influence, since the presidential candidate choice is moot. It’s a losing strategy to try to rally everyone behind that. Divert attention to all the incumbents with the highest chance of losing their seat, and the seats up for reelection in swing states. Change the strategy and choose who you want as the candidate. People are voting for “Not Trump” more than they’re really voting for “Biden” so they’re going to mark the (D) regardless of the name it’s attached to. We just have to get them to the polls.

  • They need to stop campaigning on the issue of the presidency and start campaigning on the representatives and senators. People are overwhelmingly going to vote within party lines, and most young people who don’t vote do so because they falsely believe their votes don’t matter. This can be demonstrated to be untrue for congressional elections.

    Let the DNC pick a candidate for the presidency who they think is good. The people don’t choose the president, the states do. The electoral college makes sure of that in all but 2 states. Let the people vote for the Congress that the president has to work with. If you only give publicity to the ONE elected role that isn’t really elected by the people, you’ll get more voter apathy.

  • Look I’m not saying that it’s a good thing that the shot missed. I’m just saying that it’s understandable how someone might want to not say the quiet part out loud when it doesn’t make a tangible difference on who ends up being president come January, but does make a tangible difference on how much money they make.

    Publicly calling for violence against the man who might be a dictator of the country you live in this time next year isn’t exactly the safest play either, long-term.

    We need to keep Trump out of the white house, but advocating for that “by any means necessary” is a dangerous play, no matter how much you personally agree with the people making such statements.