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  • One time the switch happened because the popular candidate was assassinated.

    One time it was partially because of, and partially the cause of the Civil War. (Contest only resolved after Southern delegates walked out)

    One time it was because neither candidate could get the support of the KKK. No that’s not a joke.

    And another time it was because of the civil rights act. The guy who ended up causing the contest really, really hated it.

    In every single case, the party that had a contested convention lost the election. Generally by a pretty wide margin.

  • Mention Gaza? Block. Straight to block.

    Take too long to denounce Russia? Block.

    Denounce Russia too fast? Believe it or not, block. Straight to block.

    We have the best echo chamber in the world, because of block.

    I’m joking, obviously. Putin can die in a fire, and I want him to live long enough to suffer from it first. I just ALSO have no faith in the West to be much better. Seems like around here if you’re not firmly in one camp, you must be in the other.