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  • I just started toying with Arkane Linux. It’s fairly easy enough to make your own image and they provide some simple templates you can use if you don’t want Gnome. To me, the greatest thing about Arch is the AUR and unfortunately it doesn’t support AUR packages out of the box. This might not be a problem since you could mostly get along with flatpaks or distrobox. It might be a chore for someone new to Arch to have to compile something straight from the AUR that your device needs to function, like what I’ve had to do.

  • This is just a small list, but plugins like beetcamp, deezer, and lastgenre among others have been helpful to tag music. If you use deemix or buy music from bandcamp those plugins are extremely helpful. Lastgenre needs some configuring and monitoring to make sure irrelevant tags aren’t assigned to songs though.

    If you’re into scripting, calliope is another tool that can interact with Spotify, lastfm, and musicbrainz (though musicbrainz stuff in my experience was unreliable). I’m using calliope to scrap together a solution to sync my local favorites in my music library and sync that to Spotify. It can also create playlists for Spotify from your local music library, and get Lastfm recommendations based on an artist or song.