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  • I also just re-played through this, mgs1 is a fantastic game for so many reasons. It brought me back to when games were meant to be fun and not a grind fest.

    I would also like to say maybe take the downtime you have now and play through the VR missions for 2, they add a lot in when it comes to functions of sneaking and playing those will really make you aware of the tools at your disposal, that’s currently what I’m doing when I feel like it.

  • Yea, I try to be as nice as I can on the internet. There’s no reason to be an ass other than you’re miserable and want other people to be as well.

    It’s a mixed bag though, I’ve had some people be assholes but I ignore them if they have nothing of substance to say and focus on the positive communications.

    Also, blocking the Linux communities really helped my feed. Idk what it is about the Linux superiority complex. Although I feel like most of it comes from a good place, the delivery of the information usually isn’t the best.