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  • the local theater (we had one in our town) kept star wars playing (and only star wars) for a year. it wasn’t until around grease and jaws2 that they played anything else.

    same thing happened for the other two films of what became the original trilogy.

    basically turned me off to the whole ‘franchise’. all the films star wars kept from me as a small town kid by being on eternal repeat in the only theater accessible to me at the time.

    i did see the original first three films–one time each, the first week of their initial runs.

    but none since.

  • that’s basically what i had. a cheap laptop for a ‘streaming device’ and media player with a k400 keyboard with trackpad. connected to a monitor to start, then a cheap tv. don’t have a ‘media server’ though, just a pile of hard drives (externals, or internals with usb adapter or ‘dock’).

    the tv eventually did get hooked up to wifi but i only use it for a couple ‘free’ apps that require no signin and work through pihole ok. mostly the ‘tv’ is playing a random playlist.