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  • Fuck the 3-2-1 rule, I cant afford that. I just have my server and that connects each night to another server at my parents and does an incremental backup via kopia.

    Or at least, that is my plan, currently i hook up a 10TB HDD from time to time and do a ZFS send… but the offsite backup is coming! For sure!

    If it is not that much data though, take a look at Backblaze B2. Using that for a client that has a few 100 GBs and it costs about a euro a month currently. Incremental, encrypted, with kopia. But if it is multiple TB it can get real expensive real fast

  • Putting hard drives to sleep when not in use can akso drastically decrease power consumption. But for that to work, the OS cannot be on there and things that potentially get accessed rather often neither.

    Want to improve my system by doing exactly that and spinning the hard drives only up, if one watches a movie from plex. Nextcloud is on a ssd and should not make any problems anymore :)