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  • For real. I recently traveled to Europe with my dad and I was going to buy a traveler’s SIM card in the airport when we landed, and he was like “nah those are a scam, we’ll get one from a phone carrier once we are in the city. The ones at the airport price gouge you”. Fast forward to us getting the wrong kind of sim card, blowing like 80 euros on something that doesn’t have mobile data, needing to go to an Orange place in every city we visited to find out why the SIM we bought stopped working after we used it for data for ten minutes (we had burned 50 euros of credits that quickly because it wasn’t meant to be used for data), and going most of the trip desperately attaching ourselves to anywhere with free wifi just to check in with our family back home.

    Eventually we gave up and bought the sort of traveler’s SIM they would have sold us in the airport from one of the street kiosks in Paris. The first 2/3 of our trip was other cities around France, which don’t have that sort of kiosk and don’t have as big of an international tourism industry. It worked perfectly.

    Just get the ones from the airport. They are specifically for travelers as opposed to just being the local carrier’s prepaid option.