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  • It makes a really really good android tablet in my experience and breaks in half every other android tablet I have used as of recently and I can’t get rid of it.

    Like sure battery life isn’t the best. But the amount of things that you can do with a generic android device is astounding and is well worth the investment and it has more ram than any other tablet in its price category when bought used on eBay. Such that it actually functions really well compared to the shittastic tablets you’d be buying for its price point.

    That and you can just run Linux on the Nintendo Switch anyway and have a fully functional computer that mogs any single board computer out there including the raspberry pi. Like having better hardware decoding and actual vulkan and opengl support that isn’t gimped due to laziness surrounding drivers that surrounds these computers.

  • Yeah I already smoke weed and it makes me feel “normal” per say. But I only smoke it at work and I don’t really smoke outside of work in general because I either forget or just don’t want to. Honestly I think I should force myself to smoke more but for some reason I never do. As with the creative outlet… Uh yeah I need one badly. It’s a shame. That i’m literally bad at doing any creative work or having the will power to fully realize the worlds I create inside my head from time to time. I’m really really lazy. Granted I guess most of the things I would create would be extremely experimental at best or bad to play at large. In terms of games I would like to make.

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    My life would be a-lot better if I could get addicted to drugs. Sadly my brain puts a hard stop to that and I just stop doing them mainly due to severe depression. I even used to smoke for like a month of nicotine vapes only to just quit outright.

    Oh yeah due to lack of chemicals in my brain that lets me get addicted to things alongside having broken dopamine pathways. I can’t remember jack shit and the only thing I do remember are the things that my autism hyper focuses on or certain types of delusions or fantasies I have going on in my head including dreams. Sadly I also broke the more creative side of my brain after tripping too hard and now not even LSD can make me hallucinate as I can choose not to. It’s probably for the best that I’m grounded so far into reality that my delusions and fantasies are just intrusive thoughts now more than anything else.

  • That would be a nightmare scenario where T-Mobile would start to squeeze MVNO’s for around the same price of someone paying for t-mobile after buying them. Honestly I don’t know if I would even have a mobile connection at that point anymore as I am quite poor! There are really no good alternatives out there for cheap service especially for my area and my terrible terrible smartphones that aren’t supported on any other networks. Especially! After AT&T decided to force manufacturers to pay for “HD Voice” which was just rebranded volte using the same bands that they had before most of them deciding not to for the cheaper brands of android smartphones out there.

  • Oh finally I can pull it out of my closet and actually use it again! Oh wait… It requires you have not updated the device.

    I guess I’ll just hit it with a sledgehammer then and continue to use my computer that doesn’t force ads on me by default because I run Linux and also use my Windows 11 computer with updates disabled on it that will probably be switched over to Linux when 24H2 comes out or when 23H2 no longer receives security updates.

    P.S. You can’t change the default launcher anymore and scoped filesystems basically broke all functionality on the thing that I was using it for. I also don’t know the domains for Google’s ads that they show on the device and I don’t care anymore.

  • Also an IR blaster as someone who also has an LG V20. It’s a shame that these phones can’t rock custom roms beyond android 8 or 9 (only if you live in Korea) due to Qualcomm refusing to give the community volte drivers and technically these phones never having an official way to unlock the bootloader. But using android 8.0 in 2024 isn’t that bad yet and I can totally justify still using a 2016 smartphone in 2024 especially when it benchmarks the same as low end smartphones today plus it has a removable battery.