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    If you only eat fast food, stuff your face on snacks everyday, never have meaningful social interactions outside the internet, sleep very little, don’t exercise and only work all day without a hobby or engaging entertainment. Yes, you’ll eventually become sad and tired all the time.

  • I’ve read that it is truth that most of the experiences that neurodivergent people have are things that might happen on occasion to neurotypical people. The difference lies on the frequency and intensity of the adverse effects.

    Like, this can happen to anyone, the conversation doesn’t go as expected, you adapt, a bit distressed but otherwise fine. But for a neurodivergent person it could be, the conversation doesn’t go as expected, they panic and freeze, stop talking, dissociate from the situation, suddenly start hyperventilating, the other person starts to worry you might pass out. Just to give one example, that’s the difference.

    Another one, an anxious person might plan and rehearse every single conversation. A neurotypical person just goes through life but they might over analyze and rehearse the most stressful and significant conversations. Both are doing it but one is doing it so frequently that is mentally exhausting and crippling their social life. The other is doing it in response to high stress only.

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    Content aside —there’s some debatable opinions offered as absolute truths— that site’s visual style is gross and some of the content layout is broken. That said, they don’t actually address any myths at all. It’s just a neat collection of someone’s specific nags and pet peeves.

  • In the catholic tradition there’s a view on jesus’s sacrificial role that interprets it as the last human ritual sacrifice. For long the religions of the region had transitioned from human to animal sacrifice. Greeks, Romans, Judaism and, later, Islam all used animal sacrifice as offerings to god. Jesus’s death was the human sacrifice to end all ritual sacrifices and replace them with symbolic offerings, like wax candles, flowers and behavioral sacrifices in the form of penance and prayer. Or the consumption of wine and wafers (body and blood of Christ) instead of ritual consumption of blood, meat and fats of sacrificed animals.

    It’s a shitty explanation that comes from anthropological analysis, but it is an explanation alright.

  • You don’t generally have to. There’s a package or environment somewhere that lifted that restriction or force it by trying to do something else. LaTeX is 100% deterministic. Someone, you perhaps unknowingly, told it to put that text there while trying to achieve something else.

    Remember that LaTeX is about setting rules then letting it arrange the text in a way that follows those rules. If you try to meddle into the typography by hand, forcing specifics that break the rules, you will break its behavior. If it is putting text over the margin, it is because it determined that is the only way to fulfill the totality of your instructions.

  • If you’re trying to do something on LaTeX and you find yourself wrestling with the software or writing TeX commands. Take a step back and reconsider. The reason the software is fighting you is because you are trying to make it do something it is not meant for or you’re actively asking it to do the opposite of what you stated earlier you wanted to achieve. Thus creating a contradiction of intent.

    Obvious examples are using the article template to write a book, or using the book template to write a letter. It is akin to using Excel as a game engine, possible, but not easily. You’re trying to use a hammer to unscrew a bolt. Of course the tool is gonna fight you.