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  • I noticed AI creeping in all WordPress translation plugins for a few months now.

    Many are still in the new beta phase, but a lot launched full fledged AI translation.

    It’s also in most sitebuilders like elementor, wp-bakery and the likes by now.

    It enables creating customized widgets, like combining an existing bullet list widget with an image widget or enhancing it with frontend editing.

    Depending on how good and reliable this gets, it could wipe out this particular group of wordpress theme modders, which are quite a few.

    Edit: there’s one area in which AI is really welcome and job safe: creating copy text and images when building sites. It always looks better with content and sometimes it would take too much time to get a presentable website filled with dummy content by hand.

    Now you define your theme in the prompt and the magic happens.

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    3 days ago

    Idk, i always assume someone is commenting/responding to the thread, instead of directly to the author of the comment they are responding to.

    I’ve read a fair share of the Squid’s posts and comments and feel like they would rather write it like “Please link to something” or “Can you link to something” if they would address you personally.

    On the Internet, i’ve learned to not take anything personal from the get go. For my own sanity.

    Edit: but i can see where you’re coming from. In a normal conversation - one on one, i would understand it differently.

    I didn’t do it here, because i picture lemmy like a big room, with people sitting in groups around a topic and discussing. So i assume people are addressing the group, if not addressing someone specific in their comment.

    Sorry for the amount of edits, this was the last one