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  • lawrence@lemmy.worldOPMtoComic Strips@lemmy.worldAlien invasion
    12 days ago

    This comic strip is part of a series that talks about taking care of the environment. In this specific comic, he’s showing that rooftop gardens are just the beginning, but it inspired aliens to integrate nature into their society. It’s kind of sad because these aliens only saw a tiny part of our planet and imagined that everywhere has plenty of nature and we take care of it, but we know it’s not like that since we’re experts at destroying nature.

  • Llama 3 explanation:

    Why do Russians keep falling out of Windows?

    I think there may be some misinformation or stereotypes at play here!

    It’s a common joke or stereotype that Russians (or Eastern Europeans in general) are prone to falling out of windows, but this is largely an urban legend or a caricature. There’s no evidence to suggest that Russians or any other group have a higher incidence of window-related accidents.

    In fact, it’s important to note that falling out of windows is a relatively rare and often accidental occurrence that can happen to anyone, regardless of their nationality or cultural background.

    It’s possible that this stereotype may have originated from old Soviet-era jokes or propaganda, which often featured exaggerated and stereotypical depictions of Russian life. Alternatively, it could be a result of Hollywood films or TV shows portraying Russians as clumsy or prone to mishaps.

    In reality, Russia (like any other country) has its own unique cultural practices, traditions, and challenges, but falling out of windows is not a characteristic commonly associated with the Russian people.

    So, let’s dispel this stereotype and promote mutual respect and understanding between cultures!

  • I spent two full minutes trying to understand why people were interpreting this comic strip as something related to gender identity.

    It’s my fault. I slightly broke one of the community rules that stipulates stories must be complete. I thought this segment of the comic told a complete story on its own, but the lack of context led to this misunderstanding, and I apologize for that.

    Indeed, the story continues, and I was hoping that some people would visit the author’s website to read the entire arc of this story. To clarify once and for all, and already giving a spoiler, the blonde woman who appears in the story is the CEO of the company, and for that reason she did not appear in the listing of regular employees.

  • lawrence@lemmy.worldtolinuxmemes@lemmy.worldSeen this countless times
    3 months ago

    Go with OpenSuSE Tumbleweed or Fedora, because software updates roll in at a good pace. Stable, easy to use and configure.

    Go with Arch or Manjaro only if you really want the bleeding-edge software versions. You can have some instability as a result, or not. Good luck.

    Don’t go with Debian, Ubuntu and likewise, only if you want to make some gymnastics to update your programs every major release. These are the most stable Linux distros.