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  • They had it all setup and then fumbled it.

    Well, no. JJ Abrams had some bullshit vaguely scribbled out in the margins - probably the Palpatine nonsense. The actual movie was promising.

    Rian Johnson accepted everything the first movie did and gave different answers. The answers were fantastic! The movie was… okay.

    JJ then went nuh uh! nuh uh! and crammed eighteen different half-baked ideas into a MacGuffin chase that made absolutely everything worse. The movie was so pretty, and the movie was so dumb.

  • I really hate that the TM emoji exists when the unicode ™ is older and objectively better.

    Honestly, I hate that typographic characters get to bring their own random-ass color. One of reddit’s few ingenious decisions was being plain text. Every 00s forum was a clusterfuck of tiny custom PNGs and GIFs for cutesy smiley-face nonsense. You’d see hundreds of them on some pages, despite only getting twenty comments per page… mostly giant blocks of the same ones thanks to the plague that was forum signatures. (Also highlighting why nested replies were such a godsend.) Getting rid of that shit and having a text medium composed entirely of text was such a breath of fresh air. Ten years later every front-page post was littered with multicolor Wingdings horseshit, and new users couldn’t figure out why old reddit was so hostile to comments that slayed on Facebook.

  • Image AI is cool as fuck and I refuse to pretend otherwise.

    The dolts charging money for “commissions,” or even just bragging about something they allegedly created, will be a blip for these few short years. The tech will become another tool anyone can use so long as they have a few free gigabytes… which is already a bit like saying, so long as they have a few free megabytes.

    If there’s any unavoidable AI tells, when someone sketches an image but has Photoshop finish it for them, we’ll come to spot those as readily as we spot gradient fill or the oil-paint filter. They’ll be a sign someone did some, but not all, of the hard work. Big whoop.

    If there are no tells - if more training lets an overworked graphics card churn out exactly what you describe, as surely as a human artist might - that’s gonna be fantastic for expression. And it won’t prevent anyone from painting with actual brushes and canvas.

    The video versions of this stupid GPU trick will allow any weirdo to turn their original script or sordid fanfiction into an actual movie you can watch with your eyeballs. The characters don’t need to look or sound like any specific real actor. It’s gonna get wild.

  • The people mad at Nazis are really shrill, just like the Nazis. So they must be equally wrong. Right?

    And yes we really are dealing with fascists at the moment, please be serious instead of grasping for some ‘juuust becaaause’ excuse as to why someone would make the comparison. They are comparable. That’s why. The Idiot has openly opined about being a dictator (just a little! just the tip!) after instigating a failed coup that saw every elected member of the federal government besides him cowering in a basement because an angry mob stormed the goddamn capitol. That’s not counting the other coup d’etat efforts, like extorting allies for foreign interference, secretly calling governors to just make up numbers, or indeed sending fake electors to make up the numbers himself. The GOP’s publicly-stated policy goals include criminalizing queer identities, banning birth control, and seeking revenge on anyone who’s not personally loyal to dear leader. I don’t give a shit if you might think they wouldn’t succeed in these efforts. The fact they want that, and are openly talking about trying to do it, is what makes them fascists.

  • Hierarchy tends to prevent violence by providing an authority to appeal to. So long as there is some process people can take, in hope of redress, they will choose that instead of just stabbing a motherfucker. This applies to interpersonal conflict with your neighbor, or mass conflict between religious groups, indeed everybody seeing a fat old baby commit high crimes on national television. Even if you feel the odds are abysmal, that can be enough to stop you from grabbing your pitchfork with intent to use it.

    Belief in those systems is a finite resource.