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    12 hours ago

    There was one of these tracts from the 70s on evolution, where a christian student authoritatively defeats the stuffy science teacher, with what is demonstrably cherry-picked crap taken out of context.

    At the end, the triumphant, humble-yet-firm student asks a by-now deflated science teacher how is it that protons in the nucleus, with positive charge, don’t fly apart, the teacher shakes his head as he mumbles “I don’t know, I don’t know…”

    I guess the student was implying that little angels kept the protons in place? Or that there are some things that are unknowable?
    As if Quantum Chromodynamics, the Strong Force (and Strong Nuclear Force, slight difference there) and The Standard Model didn’t already exist, as if quarks hadn’t been detected beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    In his profound and cynical dishonesty, seems like Chick in his tract counted on information on the subject not yet being widely available at the time.
    Chew on that one for a minute: Chick counted on the scientific illiteracy of the tract reader. Fanatical zealot that he was.

  • It REALLY is that simple, folks. No need to tie oneself into chaotic mental knots. You have ALL the information that you need to:


    EDIT: it’s the only healthy way left for voters.
    Why tune in to shrill hysteria because someone somewhere told somebody that “it’s information… stay informed” and they all decided to go along with it?
    Don’t play that game, we all lose. Tune out and forget about it, find peace, avoid it like the plague, until Super Tuesday in November, when you quietly go to the polls and VOTE Democrat.

  • niktemadur@lemmy.worldtoFunny@sh.itjust.worksPrick
    2 days ago

    He also devolved into ignorant pseudo-libertarians along the lines of “keep your dirty government hands off my Medicare”.

    Or the angry misguided asshole who:

    1. complains about taxes.
    2. votes republican.
    3. complains about the current state of roads and the like.

    Or the lazy asshole who doesn’t vote, lets the other types of assholes elect their republican asshole, sees the state of the roads and schools, etc, and goes bOtH pArTiEs ArE tHe SaMe LoL.

    What do all of these have in common? Myopia, and the stubborn refusal to do the bare minimum on a consistent basis, once a year, or even once every couple of years. No sir, that would be soiling their purity undies. Better to vote once in a lifetime, twenty fucking years ago, then say “nothing changed”.

  • If this is actually true, the only possible explanation has to be that the average potential voter in the United States seems to find that an entire apparatus of government nerds running the government is BO-rinnnggg! Yawn.

    It can only be because they demand their reality television drama everywhere, with its’ gaudy characters and situations. They want to be mesmerized or they won’t lift their lazy asses from the screen, with their car chases, and explosions.

  • “But you are going to vote, right?”
    “No, I’m going to sit here waiting for the dumpster to catch fire, the flames to jump and engulf me.”
    “Plus everyone around you. Please vote and help avoid it.”
    “No, I only vote for the one person on top, don’t care about the THOUSANDS of employees and appointees that actually do the grunt work of running the country. And don’t bring up the Supreme Court, I don’t want to think long-term about anything.”
    “That is absurdly self-defeating.”
    “bOtH cAnDiDaTeS aRe ThE SaMe LoL mUh NoN-VoTe iS mUh PuRiTeH!”