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  • Yeah, brutalist and brutal are different. The cyber truck is a fucking stupid design that will hurt people far more than most vehicles (big dumb truck hoods not withstanding).

    They aren’t even going to be able to sell them anywhere that has reasonable pedestrian safety laws. CA needs to pass some and kill the fucking thing, not give them to cops who already want to kill anyone who makes them nervous.

  • He could have replied saying the first year was fine…

    I heard a couple roughly the same age/appearance as this meme, pretty much having the same conversation (though they were both being far more annoying to each other) while walking 2 goddamn pitbulls come through a public park. It was a little surreal how stereotypically wrong it all was.

  • We have gone through cycles where the racists are unpopular enough to have to hide their intentions or “true feelings” behind convoluted rhetoric (red-lining housing, welfare and food stamp rules, or just blue lives matter, for instance), or just plain hiding (like the nighttime hooded gatherings).

    We knew about them, but kept them marginalized. Now they are less marginalized, but also encouraged by a right wing nationalist Republican Party that has far too much of a chance of controlling the country in a few months.

    The problem is that they are loud, and have majorities in places where their vote literally counts more. Low population red states especially (Wyoming, Idaho, Dakotas), and districts that have been gerrymandered around to weaken liberal democratic representation that overall outnumbers the racists, is seriously dangerous and un-democractic.