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  • The issue here is that marking articles like these as NSFW perpetuates the core issue of the content discussed: that this is a woman problem that should be talked about in private.

    I guess that’s where the majority of downvotes come from as well: “this should not be viewed in the workplace” is a catastrophic signal in this context for the message.

    yeaaa I can totally see where my request would be problematic to say the least

    All of this is my personal opinion of course but I wanted to leave you with more than just a two word comment!

    Yup and Thank you!🤗

    • all the points you made felt solid and made sense to me

    based on your and other commentors I feel like I have a better grasp on future moderation decisions

    for today, I def fucked up so this is a learning momement for me

    again thank you for commenting!🤗🌻