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  • Employers care because they know there are consequences. Employees don’t know they have rights.

    We had a slew of low-paying clients, often weaselly outfits like churches and restaurants. They still knew better than to play around.

    But again, they’re only paying what the employee signed off on.

    that’s exploitation

    Well, yeah? My point is, people, especially young people, don’t have the life knowledge to fight this shit. Hell, I was 47 when I learned all this. As bad as employee rights are in America, we’re not as powerless as we think.

    One example from Florida:

    You call the labor board and complain that you’re working 50-hours a week and only getting paid for 40. The board will ask your employer to show the signed time sheets. No sheets? 10-4. Employee gets everything they claimed. And the employer gets fined on top of that.


    I got fucked around on overtime. Long story I won’t relate, but I had no idea I had government recourse. My god. A call to the state would have netted me thousands in back pay.

  • YES employers want to get this right. Worked IT for a payroll company for years and we did not fuck around with OT or any other sort of pay. If our clients tried to play around we’d put our foot in their ass and fire them if they kept trying.

    The reason wage theft exist is people not knowing their rights. Employers shit kittens if they get a call from the state labor board. In Florida the Board defaults to the employee’s claim unless the employer has solid evidence to refute it.

    Do NOT sign off on your hourly pay unless it’s accurate! By signing you agree that you worked those hours, no more, no less.

    tl;dr Workers have more rights than they know, employers are well aware.