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  • RG-42 is a ww2 era design that relies on natural fragmentation. it has no PFF, it has rolled steel sheet fragmentation liner with no indentations or anything that would aid in separation of fragments. that thing has pre-cut steel cubes, Spike uses tungsten cubes, steel balls or cylinders (soviet designs) are often used too. natural fragmentation results in wide range of fragment sizes, with either too small (and braking on air, causing no significan injury) or too big (produced in small number and missing intended fragment). RG-42 and to lesser degree RGD-5 fragments are just pieces of steel sheet, so few tens of meters away it’s just angry glitter, because it brakes on air rapidly due to nonaerodynamic shape

  • M329 is advertised as MP, but it lacks forward shaped charge so it’s not, because it is not suited to destroy anything with more than ornamental armour, by design. instead, it’s just a lot of pre-formed fragmentation in a cylindrical box. by itself, standard feature of modern weapons, but overall it’s not a weapon designed to fight a peer adversary

    “The issue comes with how these small munitions are being employed,” said Ball. “Even a relatively small munition employed in a crowded space, especially a space with little to no protection against fragmentation, such as a refugee camp with tents, can lead to significant deaths and injuries.”

    this is the warcrimey part, i thought that it goes without saying

  • real

    spent last 3 days figuring out lebanese politics. this is my fourth attempt, it’s an unmitigated civil war with at least 4 sides that in some forms is still ongoing and has been for almost 60 years. every single time you look up any atrocity it gets worse and there are at least two more layers of revenge. there’s everything, remnants of colonialism, cold war era proxy conflicts, military interventions by syria and israel and covertly by everyone else, every party has a militia, seats in parliament are divided by religion according to results of 1932 census, nobody wants a newer one because it risks massive sectarian instability

  • no it’s not, but if you translate it word for word into english it’s “law and justice” which sounds like a name of a party that just staged a coup and now leads military junta in some broke subsaharan african country

    and also catholic church went out of their way to use psalm 33 literal hour before lots of people vote (vote is on sunday and in smaller towns and villages lots of people go voting just after mass) half year away when it was supposed to because it has a line like “the lord loves law and justice”, yeah completely nothing political about it, please ignore all these sketchy real estate deals that catholic church benefited from