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  • The more I read about it, the more it reeks of a baseless smear campaign. CNN actively tried to make Biden look bad during the debate, and a huge chunk of the corporate media saw it and jumped on it.

    It helped when Biden turned right around and had a strong showing at one of his campaign rallies. He had one off night, and everybody tried to make a mountain out of a molehill because they’re more concerned with making money than fighting the fascists.

  • Mages are really nerfed despite the story saying they’re super powerful and dangerous.

    This is kinda selling mages in the setting short.

    Magic in this setting is basically the same as it is in Warhammer 40k: mages get their power from an alternate dream dimension that is also where demons reside, they can spontaneously explode and/or summon demons if they’re not careful, and they’re heavily regulated/repressed. Rogue mages are hunted down and killed by Templars, and everyone else is mostly confined to wizard towers that double as prison camps.

    It never comes across in gameplay, but mages and how they’re treated are major plot points in all three games.

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    All I know is that I watched a video of a young girl, maybe 10 or 11, wailing and crying and saying that her house was bombed by the Israelis while she went to the aid station, and all she found when she returned was rubble and the bloody chunks of her family.

    She’s hardly the only story, and continuing to brutalize the Palestinians is only going to succeed in creating a generation of angry young adults who will continue to line up to join Hamas for revenge.

  • Thing is, all the other major manufacturers are just as bad or worse.

    As a PC technician, HP still somehow has the best service and support, which speaks volumes about how bad everyone else is. Dell’s support tools are a generation behind HP’s, and Lenovo’s build quality is atrocious. Not to mention Lenovo’s technician support is so badly fragmented and poorly run, they default to having the customer send the device in for repair and avoid sending an on-site technician just so they can avoid dealing with technician support. Speaking from personal experience, getting to the right person when I have a problem or need to order additional parts is like pulling teeth, and even if I manage to reach someone, they’re usually equal parts incompetent and unhelpful.

    And Apple doesn’t even want to service their stuff.

    These days, you have to pick your poison.

  • If I’m Judge Merchan, I’d cite Trump’s naked attempts to intimidate the jury, witnesses, and the judge (as well as multiple violations of his gag order) as an excuse to throw the book at him.

    I’d point out that all Trump had to do to get a slap on the wrist was keep his mouth shut, because it’s my understanding that most people convicted of falsifying business documents don’t get jail time; they usually just get fined, get some community service, maybe probation if it’s bad. Most first-time defendants characterize this crime as an innocent mistake and behave accordingly, but Trump and his ego had to run his mouth.