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    I mean, tons of archaeologists have historically been idiots and loved white-male-splaining (among other 'splainings) things to indigenous cultures and discounting their works because no way could these black/indian/female/whatever people possibly be able to conceive of such a thing as this! Some of it could even have arguably spawned the ancient aliens bullshit because it must have been some kind of intelligent race and certainly not the ancient people of this land. Old antiquarians were often even worse.

  • We sat around, even when I was young, watching the news every night with my family whilst eating. I can tell you I remember some things from the end of his presidency. Right after it, when the Berlin came down, I remember watching the news about it as we were actually at my grandparent’s house for dinner that night. On the other hand, I don’t remember the challenger explosion even though I was in gradeschool at the time. Maybe I’ve just forgotten about it as an adult now in my 40s.

    We also had mock elections in gradeschool with the actual presidential candidates. I did misunderstand it and my parents refused to believe, as I did, that I had actually voted and found it hilarious.

  • Do you both already have passports? Visas? Travel insurance?

    How are you getting there and back? How are you getting around in-country?

    How will you spend money in that country? Is it one that requires cash? How do you get that cash if so?

    Can you speak the language? You may want a phrasebook.

    How will your phone work or will you turn it off completely to avoid roaming charges?

    Will you be doing laundry? Do you know how to buy detergent and such?

    Edit: also, how will you charge things? Are outlets and voltage the same? Do you need an adapter (fine if voltage same) or converter (such as when you’re form a ~100v country going to a ~200v country that would fry your electronics with just an adapter).

  • I think you can use existing software to do that. If your store has wifi (even if you can’t access it, I think), you can geofence an area and have some action (such as popping up a reminder app) trigger. I’ve not used software like this myself, but I remember people describing behavior like this at least on Android. If it might be useful to you, you should give it a search.

    I have an app that’s meant to schedule things, but I just use it as a checklist and preface each action with the location. So long as I check it (second home screen on my phone, so not a huge barrier), I’m usually good.


    • costco: chicken
    • costco: paper towels
    • Cainz: sunscreen
    • grocery: milk
    • grocery: eggs

  • I had maybe one that would actually fit your specific terms (though he preferred <adjective> Black Billy with the adjective usually being big or sexy). One of my good friends living in Texas was black, but he’d call himself a Black American or Cuban American rather than African American. In Japan, my black friends were (I moved to the middle of nowhere recently and don’t use social media, so friendships tend to fade) black men from Africa (mostly Tanzania).

    I think African American is one of those terms that (a) is super American-centric and (b) isn’t something everyone would call themselves. You can actually read into how “Native Americans” feel about that term (many don’t like it, apparently, because America (the country being the US)) wasn’t the place they came from; they came from the land that their ancestors settled, not some stolen version of it. Some actually prefer “Indian” while others favor something more like “aboriginal peoples” or “first nations”.