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  • Pff, whatever. If I’ve got a right hand lane to sit in and let people pass I’ll do 10km/h under the limit (90 instead of 100) and save a non-trivial amount of fuel.

    The cost-benefit on that shifts a bit if I need to make a longer trip, but for my usual drives in the 100-200km range that’s an extra 7-15 minutes on a 1 to 2 hour trip, which barely matters.

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    Because he has almost completely faded to obscurity. Most people under 30 probably wouldn’t recognize him at all.

    Superman not being one of the characters in this image is also kind of baffling. Unless the artist believes that Superman could bear the cross.

  • Yeah, there are different bluetooth audio profiles, one for high quality audio intended for media consumption, and one for bi-directional audio intended for telephony (and some others, but these are the relevant ones here). The “gotcha” is that in general, any attempt to consume the mic feed from a bluetooth headset will switch it to the telephony mode, so if you have them paired to a PC and an application is listening to the mic for any purpose you get stuck with much lower quality 64kbps PCM audio.

  • I’ve seen initial reports that at least on Steam Deck it’s far less impactful than any other recording solution available so far (decky recorder/obs/whatever). Like you though I’m interested to see a detailed look at how it does on a standard Windows gaming PC though, where you’ve already got well established low impact solutions like Shadowplay or Relive.

  • There are two factors.

    First is simply the convenience of having it all built in to the gaming platform you’re using instead of juggling other software. Plus Steam will host content you want to share for you, which neither AMD nor Nvidia does. Also, neither AMD nor Nvidia’s offering providers a two hour rolling recording that you can just skim through and pick clips from at your leisure.

    Second is the hope for better reliability. Shadowplay/replay/whatever nvidia is calling it now just stops working at random for a lot of people, myself included, with no warning or indication until you hit the “save replay” button and get a popup telling you that its not running. I also wrestled for a while with it recording the wrong screen when I had two monitors, so I’d just get clips of my second monitor desktop with the audio of the game. There are lots of people hoping that Steam will manage better.