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  • Imagery supplied by the agency appears to show a weapon around the size of a shipping container with a laser mounted on top and what appears to be a radar or tracking device mounted on one side of the platform.

    So, 30 million for the setup and deployment but 1.50 per drone. Plus it is huge and unweildy.

    Gonna need a lot of drones to make that more cost effective than another drone with a stick or net, both of which have been effective in the defense of Ukraine.


    This is probably an early step towards a man portable setup so I’m just joking about the focus on the cost to fire.

  • Unfortunately the doctors usually aren’t the ones managing the schedule.

    A doctor can address the scheduling issue with whoever does the scheduling. Addressing does not mean the doctor gets their way, but that they discussed it and attempted change.

    If they can’t have that discussion, why are they atill working there and what is their plan when changes are made that make scheduling even worse?