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  • Howdy, this is michael@yall.theatl.social - I am utterly horrified about what happened in Jacksonville to Mr. Woods. It is my sincere hope that our justice system identifies and prosecutes those responsible for what happened.

    There were comments in this thread advocating for violence against law enforcement in response to this terrible news. I have removed and will continue to remove users and comments that violate the server rules against the advocacy/promotion of violence against anyone, including government officials and employees, on yall.theatl.social. Reporting on violence, as with the article above, does not violate any rules. However, this server will not be the source of threats against others in response to news articles and comments.

  • Hi @DecaturNature@yall.theatl.social - apologies for the slight delay. Work and some other stuff kept my dance card more full than expected this past week.

    How do we unblock any instance that got on Oliphant tier 0 but are later removed? Is that something that will be checked for?

    I’d like to have a users council or other group-type decision for block/unblocking going forward. If I was put on the spot for my own personal thoughts, I’d say that unless an instance is primarily dedicated towards illegal, hateful, malicious, or otherwise disruptive activities, I’m inclined to not defederate. My own personal differences with the speech or opinions of another instance have ever been a factor in that decision. So, if there was an instance that needs to be unblocked that was blocked on Oliphant, then let’s unblock it!

    how does blocking and silencing affect the new search system? I guess blocking is obvious…but does silence block search?

    Yeah, blocking/defederating would prevent search, so agreed that we need to be a bit more careful with who we block or not.

  • This is part of the dehumanization process. Making gays the “other” signals to the community, and the students, that gay people (or well, probably any adjacent minority category) are not worthy of any respect of decency.

    And then there’s bullying, violence, or even worse. And when there is bullying or violence, there is no defense against it - because why would that be a bad thing when the community says gays are bad people?

    And for gay/lesbian/trans/queer kids, it is just another dagger into the self-respect and self-worth. Having grown up in this shitty milleu in Cobb County, I can say it takes many years of personal work and therapy to purge oneself of internalized hatred.